Welcome to CustomSeps.com, a professional t-shirt color separation service by the developer of UltraSeps and QuikSeps software.

Although our software products do a terrific job of generating color separations, its possible that some screen printers do very little higher-end work and would rather job out complex color separations for screen printing. And for the countless thousands who use our software, or another method of color separating, possibly you’re too busy and need a little assistance getting a separation done.

We offer all types of color separations for screen printing including simulated process, cmyk 4 color process, process color with spot channels, index color, spot color, duotone, tritone, quadtone, graytone black & white style separations and discharge ink color seps.

Who better to trust your separations to than the people who develop the most widely used screen printing color separation software? All separations are done in-house by highly skilled Photoshop Pro’s with extensive screen printing experience under the direction of UltraSeps developer Steve Roginski. Additionally, all seps are reviewed by Steve himself while many are processed by him personally.

If your art is of poor quality, we can often improve upon your original t-shirt artwork prior to running the color separation. Services such as enhancing and increasing the file resolution, repairing – intensifying and modifying colors, removing the background color of flattened Photoshop images, jpeg repair, professional sharpening, etc. are all available.

So if you’re in need of a color separation that must be done correctly and on time, just place your order here today! Our site makes it easy and painless to upload your file, provide us with accurate information and specifications, include notes about the art along with offering several order options!

And once we have completed your color separation, we continue to take our job seriously and to provide not only the finished work to download, but also include notes and suggestions on printing, inks, color sequence on press and tips on potential problem areas to look out for!

Let the Pros at CustomSeps handle your next color separation job!