UltraSeps is regarded as the preferred color separation software used in the screen printing industry today with over 10,000 licensed copies in use globally.  Unlike programs such as Separation Studio and T-Seps, UltraSeps is the powerful, easy to use and accurate tool of choice for screen printers to separate artwork quickly and easily!


Not only does UltraSeps have the power and features to make great color separation possible, its truly one of the easiest tools for screen printers to use to step your printing up to the next level.  Don’t spend hours separating your customer’s artwork when you could be on the press printing shirts and making money as opposed to struggling with difficult color separations.


In addition to offering many different types of color separations such as simulated process, cmyk, index color, spot color separations, duotones, tritones and others, the program also includes automated processes to enhance and repair artwork within Adobe Photoshop prior to running a color separation.  Some of these intuitive image correction features include improving the color of artwork, enhancing the clarity of images and up-sampling low resolution images such as jpegs to help make low resolution and poor quality graphics usable.


Other image enhancing feature include an intuitive method to sharpen images that surpasses the basic Unsharp Mask function of Photoshop along with the ability to brighten problematic shadow areas and correcting poor blacks found in some artwork to help provide separations with more contrast.


Bringing a poor quality image into Photoshop and having UltraSeps work its magic is truly something to behold. These image enhancement and color correction tools can save the screen printing artist hours of time when compared to the usual trial and error methods.


Regarding t-shirt color separations, believe it or not, the six color simulated process separation below was generated automatically within seconds with just about no further adjustments required!  Complex color separations for t-shirts such as the sample below could take an entire day, if not more without the help of good automated color separation and correction software.

t-shirt color separation ultraseps


Stop wasting time and money and invest in the right tools today to get your artwork and separations done quickly and accurately!