offers high-quality color separations engineered for screen printing at very competitive prices from a trusted industry expert. All separation prices are valid regardless of number of colors required and reflect any style of separation needed. Unlike others, we don’t charge extra for separations above a certain number of colors or base our pricing on a per-color basis.


Standard 72 Hour Service


Expedited 48 Hour Service


Rush 24 Hour Service


Additional Info & Options


Left Chest – Other Extra Small Image – $20

If the color separation requires separating an additional image such as a left chest graphic or other small graphic, the added charge is $20 if the image is similar in colors used and can therefore be separated simultaneously to a certain extent. If however the other image is completely different in colors used, send us a jpeg and we’ll provide a quote.

Lifting An Image From A Difficult Background

If your artwork is flattened on a solid background color or needs to be removed from a background image, additional charges may apply. Some art can be lifted easily from a background at no charge while others can’t. If your art is flattened or you’re not sure, just submit the file to us and complete the order. If we foresee difficulty that may require additional work, you’ll be contacted prior with a quote.

Repairing Low Quality Art

Some low quality art can be worked with while others can’t. When receiving art of poor quality, we’ll try to repair and enhance the original to the best of our ability to provide an acceptable finished product. Additional charges may apply if we think an excessive amount of time is required to repair the art. If so, you’ll be contacted prior with a quote. Be aware that some art can’t be repaired or enhanced enough to separate effectively. We reserve the right to reject such orders and refund payment when receiving artwork we deem as unacceptable.

About Delivery Times

The above prices and delivery times are based on a Monday – Friday (New York City Time) schedule and are not inclusive of weekends. For example, if a standard 72 Hour order is received on Friday at 4:00 PM our time, the job will not be ready at 4:00 PM Monday as weekends are excluded. Additionally, the clock does not start running until we receive payment for the order.

Disclaimer will provide the highest quality color separations to you or your business as per our ability and the quality of the original artwork submitted to us. We assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever in the event of problems, issues or financial losses of any kind with a job printed using our color separations. If suspecting your end-user (customer) is problematic or extremely picky, we highly advise a press proof be reviewed prior to running the job. This is especially important with very large orders. also reserves the right to reject an order for any reason.