After downloading and un-zipping your t-shirt color separation from us, most likely you’ll take a look at the file in Photoshop. When doing so, the separation might appear washed out and light. This is because we generate and adjust color separations using the Color Settings included with UltraSeps and QuikSeps Software loaded into Photoshop.

Using these highly calibrated color settings is important since if they weren’t used when generating and adjusting the color separation, the separation would print too dark since our color settings compensate for the dot gain experienced on press.

Therefore, its a good idea to download our free Color Settings File and load it into Photoshop when working with our color separations. Or for that matter, use it when doing color separations yourself and obviously when using UltraSeps or QuikSeps.

Once downloaded, unzip the file. Next go to the Edit Menu in Photoshop, scroll down and select Color Settings. Click the Load Button within the color settings window and locate the UltraSeps Color Settings file. Click Open and the settings have now been loaded. (see screenshot below)

When viewing the color separation, turn off the RGB Channels if present so you’re only viewing the channels within the color separation and the solid shirt background channel. The separation will now appear normally. Its possible it still may appear slightly light, especially with CMYK separations although this is normal.

Its important to note the color settings has no effect on the separation itself. Loading it doesn’t change anything. Its only purpose is to render the separation to display correctly in Photoshop. Printing the separation to films can be done with or without our color settings loaded.
Photoshop T-Shirt Color Settings